Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy sunday!

Here is a pin that I had made using JUST RITE words stamps, some vintage sheet music, a great little fairy girl with some added butterfly wings and it is all on a piece of foam core board.
MEET PRECIOUS!! this is Brys grandparents little girl. She is such a doll!!

What a face!! Love ya baby!!

A layout I made using some great pics I took when I worked as this ranch. they were all so much fun and fun to be around!!

A new altered coffee filter book I made. The front is left pretty much blank so you could have me personalyze it or add some other title to it.

Back cover of book

Lots of fun girlie papers inside.

More insede pages

Inside pages

Front cover. I tied on lots of ribbons and fun fibers to the metal book ring that holds this together. I am listing it on my etsy site but you could always just order one from here too!! my etsy:
Not too much goin on today but it is my HUBBY's BIRTHDAY! Happy B'd day my love!!
he hasnt been feeling too good the last couple of days so not sure if we are gonna do anything special or just stay home and goof off all day with the boys. (which of cource is fine by me to do)
Hope yall have a great day!
P.S. I am finished and will post both items to be sent out for the OWOH giveaway coming soon !!!



Carmen C. said...

What lovely things you have made and miss Precious is sure a cutie:)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

No fair to feel sick on his birthday! Hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon.

Your coffee filter books are just amazing. I can't praise them enough!!!

I wonder what you made for OWOH???