Sunday, January 24, 2010

OWOH tomorrow~~

I am gonna take pics today for the start of my giveaways on ONE WORLD ONE HEART!!  stop on by to see the goodies I have made for.  There will be 3 yepper 3 different things I am giving away to celebrate this year!

It is rainin and gloomy out right now but hopefully wont freeze.  It did get to (are ya ready for this one?) 39.7 yesterday!!  Holy Chicken! that is nuts!!
Speaking of chicken..........the girls are all doin quite well.  They are allowed out in the big pen we have for them but NOT loose yet!! too many hungry hawks loomin around and I am NOT providing them a smorgasboard any time soon!! LOL   The boys are all crashed out on the couches by me, we moved our puter out in the living room since crashing a few weeks ago and I gotta tell ya I LOVE it out here.  Now to find a desk and it will stay out here.  Hubby and I play games together on it we surf the web together and the best part is the boys are close by!! We used to have it in an extra bedroom and I always felt so far away from my family.  Not anymore!! 
Ok so I better git to it and "get er done" for tomorrow!!!

Talk to yall soon!!

have a blessed sunday!!