Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kalamazoo MI Indoor Market

My boys playing with some of the toys they still had left from xmas. As u can see they can be kind of naughty with toys!! LOL well I dont ever think my boys can be naughty!!

My newest creation!! Peanut peanut butter cream filled whoopie pies!! I came up with a thick soft cookie
filled with homemade peanut butter cream filling and rolled in crushed honey roasted peanuts!! They are listed on my esty site for sale but you could always order directly from me here!!

Here is a pic of a round birthday cake I made last week. I did light pink sweet peas on a vine. and just some scalloped edges.

frosting sweet peas, i had to practice havent made them since last year or so.

Tomorrow is market day!! Kalamazoo Market at Bronson Hospital in the cafe!! So today I am goin to be making my rustic cinnamon raisin loaves, apple something? not sure yet what, cookies, and SOMETHING new for market tomorrow!! Spinach flavored fresh pasta!! Yepper first time for me making pasta and I cant wait to try it out!
OK also I want to post here about a fundrasiser this weekend!! Sat from 11am to 4 pm WISHBONE pet rescue is hosting a carnival pet adoption event sat in SAUGATUCK at the masonic lodge. Bake sale and some other goodies available for purchase including some great coffee from UNCOMMON GROUNDS in SAUGATUCK MI, and I am gonna try to whip up some goodies tomorrow after market. This is a great organization and they really love and care about the pets that they have so stop on by!!
It has been sleeting and snowing and there is a sheet of ice on everything!! 5-7 inches of fresh snow coming today so hopefully not too bad for market in allegan today.
I am so happy to have my camera back to post pics!! well the program back anyway!! Thank You to my loving, smart, handy, creative, handsome, silly hubby!! LOVE YA Babe!!
Have a great day yall!!


terriermama said...

I just love the boys......I know how it is with the toys, the terriers can kill them pretty fast.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh what a pretty cake you created! I think you ought to sell some of your dried icing flowers, too, on Etsy ... they can be popped right on a cupcake or cake and make it look instantly professionally decorated...

Love the boys...especially that "innocent" look like "Who, me, unstuff a toy into smithereens???"

shawntai said...

Next time, check out Irving's Market. It has a great selection and yummy food. Love the cakes. How much do you charge?