Thursday, December 30, 2010

50 degrees!!

It is already 38 degrees and they are predicting in the 50s today!! crazy mi weather we are havin this december!!   I really hope we get all the snow in jan/feb then more like spring march april may !! yeah right!!
I know I am dreamin

Here are a few pics from xmas at my inlaws house!  We had alot of fun!! 

Hubby's Grandpa Bill with Carissa the youngest member in the family.

Family pic, for once someone is NOT doing anything crazy!! ususally someone is looking away or being silly or for another example while my inlaws were remodeling their home they had one shade up and one shade down on the windows in back of us, or they had the windows covered with sheets before they put up their new curtains, just little things like that!! kind of disappointing that this looks pretty normal!! LOL

My sleepy little guys on the couch next to me!  Barney still has to lay somewhere on Buster!

AND here we have GRANDMA JAN!!  Being silly!!
someone gave her this great santa hat bra for xmas and she walked in wearin it for us!  She is a kidder and we love her very much!!  I told her she needed jingle bells on the pompoms!!  LOL  next year I think all girls should wear santa hats (on their heads) for our family pic.  And they guys should wear antlers but I am about positive that wont be happening!!  We are just missing the "boys" in our family pic. 
So I am off to work on a magazine submission I have been playin around with the deadline is jan 7 and that is fast approaching!!  I will share it when I can with yall!!  Hard to think about summer stuff when we are in the start of winter. but you have to be ahead of the game and ready when they need to get them on time to print! 
Have a happy happy thurs and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hope it is a joy for yall and be safe!!!

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Anonymous said...

Lovin the grandma. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas.