Friday, December 3, 2010

holiday cookies

Let the holiday cookie baking begin!!! My favorite holiday thing to make!! I should have been employed by Keebler!! LOL
So I whipped up some cookies for markets and also made up some gifty boxes and tins up for my shows this weeekend.

My cranberry pecan with lemon cream filling.

No gingerbread men here!!   I scooped out the dough and smoooshed down a tiny bit then baked them out  but  they needed that little "farmgirl bling" so I piped a bit of white icing on each then topped them off with a cinnamon candy.  They smell absolutely divine!!   Winter Gingerbread Cookies!! 

 dressed for the holiday!!
Some chocolate cinnamon rounds sprinlked heavily with powdered sugar. 

I love spritz cookies and did up some almond butter ones complete with the "bling" some asst color nonpariels.

I took some plain ol kraft paper boxes and added some colorful holiday scrapbook papers cut with decor edge scissors and stuffed them with cookies, tied with some pretty ribbons and a cute stamped out tag.  Perfect for gift giving.

White chocolate peppermint fudge! 

Love white choc with peppermints. 

all sliced up and ready for markets

I had some of these little boxes I used for cake truffles and made up a few fudge and peanut butter balls for gifts.

These are known as buckeyes and are one of hubby's favo!!  Creamy smooth peanut butter, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla dipped in melted milk and semi-sweet chocolate.  YUMMY! 

Packaged some up in bags of 4 for markets

Love the round tags looks like this one I cut off a bit!!  LOL OPPPS!!

So today will be full of baking also, I was suppossed to be in Kazoo for Bronson Winter Market this am but had major truck troubles so am not able to go!! DARNIT!!   
So will head over to the kitchen and bake!!  perfect day!!  Lots to get done for this weekend, mexican hot cocoa cookies, candycane cookies, snowman cut outs, oatmeal rasin, and maybe some shortbread trees on the list so far since I will have all day to bake now.
Have a wonderful weekend.
I will be in Saugatucks Green holiday market tomorrow 10-3 and Saugatucks Brewing Co market/art show sunday from 1-9
Stop on by for some great winter offerings!!

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