Monday, December 6, 2010

SNOWY BLESSINGS and some ornies

we are under a winter snow advisory and it is GORGEOUS outside!!  ***LET ** IT ** SNOW*** ***LET ** IT ** SNOW*** ***LET ** IT ** SNOW***  YEAH! YIPPEE!
What do you do with old xmas cards too cute to throw away?  ORNIES!
I have an artist holiday shopping adventure to be in thursday night so thought I would make some more of my microscope ornaments.  Love using up old cards and scrap paper to make these. 

After cuttin old cards up and words and using my xmas stash of scrapbook papers these are what I have. 

The bling on them is some little gems attached with a jump ring to the hangers and some pretty ribbons.

Some I soldiered the edges but really like the brass color from the copper tape so just burnished the edges really good and didnt soldier. 

Oh this is my newest bread pudding I came up with the other day.  Cinna-bun bread pudding complete with a cinnamony glaze.   I did add some plumped up raisins too.

And here are a few of the assorted boxes of cookies I took to my shows this weekend.
They turned out so cute! and all sold too.  YEAH!

I had bought a bunch of these adorable primitive to from tags last year after the holidays and just added some scrap paper behind and attached them to a cardstock tag.    they looked great!
Here's some closeups of the microscope slide ornies.

Just love the snowmen on these papers and also I used a bit of TIM HOLTZ's distressing inks to the edges.

Used some of my JUST RITE word stamps.

Hope yall have a wonderful winter monday!!   I am off to head over to the kitchen and make some toffee and peanut brittle for my sale thurs night. 
***LET **IT** SNOW***


auntdeedee said...

ADORABLE!!! I just love the ornies!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the ornaments