Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas week

My goodness it is almost here!!  5 days until Christmas!! 
It was a difficult weekend for me as I sure miss my little shadow Fred.  Hubby and I burried him under a big pine tree in the yard where he can watch everything goin on.  He loved to sit and just watch people come and go to the farmstand and he sat and watched the birds, never bothered any of them either.  So he is probably layin around kitty heaven enjoyin everything roud him.
My mom and I went to a fiber/yarn store and bought some great different kinds of wool and fibers to make a couple of scarves for gifts and a couple for sale.   This one is called Dark Espresso bean.   IT has some alpaca wool, the smokey grey color, some awesome dark brown/ivory and black fun fringey kind of yarn, some bamboo fiber yarn, and some great wool white and grey yarns all mixed in.  This one is FOR SALE!!   $22.00 plus travel expenses, it is a long long one for wrapping and it is so soft and cozy it will be sure to keep your neck nice and warm not to mention quite fashionable!!   Long fringes have been stitched in at the bottoms, 77 in long from fringe to fringe, the fringeys are 10in long.  This is also 8 inwide all handcrocheted in different stitches for a fun one of a kind scarf.

Meet Lizzy

Lizzie our newest addtion who is just a kitten was left on our doorstep a couple of weeks ago is really being more of a little lover than ever.  She was right by Fred that mornin and really clung to him as if to know something bad was happening to him.  We came home one night and heard cryin and low and behold there was a little black kitten on our porch who was friendly and same as Fred walked in the house when I opened to door and quickly became one of the family!!  She is very very affectionate and so sweet!!

AND>>>>>>>>>>> here are some pics from the house I told yall about nearby.   LOOK at the house in backround from the snowman!! IT shows just how tall he is and quite impressive!!   They have xmas music playing around and it just makes ya smile!! and say WOW!!

Love the little caroling snowmen!!

The next pics are some I quickly snapped at our sale the other night in Douglas at Everyday People's Cafe!!  We had so much fun and really enjoyed all the friends we havent seeen in awhile stop on by and chit chat!!

Wendy a new friend of mine! yes!! that is a squirrel on her back!! LOL She's quite a gal!! 

My friend Ruth and I had to split a table which is fine by me she and I did quite a few shows together this fall and I really enjoy being with her!!  She makes and sells homemade ALL natural herbal products!! awesome awesome balms, and herbal tea mixes.  I can say I have used her healing balm, her cold care balm and her sore muscle balm now and they really really make a difference!! But i LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweet sleep balm infused with lavender for one herb!!  Love to cuddle in bed and smell lavender!

some more pics of items that were available for purchase.

Lovin these recycled wool mittens!! so nice and warm!!
So that is about it for today I have to get busy and finish making the orders and then get to making up the cookie trays to deliver this week.
I will take lots of pics of everything I am doing as I am makin a couple of gifts for family that are new and uinque and fun.   The boys are gettin excited to as we told them we met SANTA this past weekend and told him they have all been very good and he is gonna bring lots of presents for them in only 5 days!! WOO HOO!! and it is suppossed to start snowing tomorrrow!!**** yeah!~ hope so!!
Have a wonderful monday!!

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