Sunday, December 19, 2010

Goodby Fred

We had to say a very difficult goodbye to one of our cats yesterday!!!  Fred.  He was left here last winter by someone who obviously took care of him as he was a big tom cat who waltzed in the house when I opeend the front door and took over the place!! he was a big cat so had been fed well and loved being held and fussed over.   He was definetly a mommy's boy as he quickly became my little shadow following my out to do chores, he could come running when I called his name and loved being picked up by me and carried on my shoulder.  He didnt care for hubby too much he was a one woman cat kind of guy.  Anyway yesterday morning I awoke to him sleeping in the litter box which was surely not one of his usual spots to sleep, picked him up and laid him on the couch on a blanket, he seemed a bit out of it so I sat with him and petted him, went about my morning chores came in and couldnt find him, he was crouched under a cabinet so I picked him up and whimpered almost in pain, and seemed to be havin  a difficult time breathing, I called the emergency animal hospital and they said to bring him in asap, so rushed him in to find he was passing bloody urine.  The vet examined him and wanted to to xrays and blood work, ok then came back in and said he is very very ill and it doesnt look good at all at this point he was rolling and screaming and very out of it.  They were doing what they could and it only stressed him even more and he would stop breathing, he slipped into a comatose state and while the vet was explaining things to me he passed away.   What a shock this was he was fine when we went to bed that night.  They said he got into some kind of poison maybe either rat poison or antifreeze or something along that line.  We are very very careful and dont use any chemicals that could harm our furry kids and never never have antifreeze out anywhere so I am not sure while he was out on friday where he ventured off to.  I so wanted him to stay inside that morning when I left for market but he flew out the door twice and the second time would not come back just ran off to make his rounds around the farms.  It all happend so dang quick I just cant believe my boy is gone.  I am glad he didnt suffer or he didnt wander off and die somewhere and I would not know what happened to him as we have had in the past with a few cats.   So please please be careful and mindful when putting things out that contain toxins as you never know who's animal will come in contact with it!! I so wish Fred would have stayed around here and not wandered but he was a cat and that is what they do I cant stop em! but I sure miss my shadow kitty!!

We miss ya FRED!!



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Comfort yourself that you provided him a home and lots of love for the last year of his life. He will be your fuzzy little angel now.

Kim said...

I am so sorry to hear about your furry friend. They mean so much to us and there is a such a huge hole in our hearts when they leave. You will remain in my thoughts throughout the day. <3