Sunday, December 12, 2010

Craft show pics

WOW!! IF you are near kalamazoo MI you HAVE TO go to the nature center if you havent been there before!!  We had the all local art fair yesterday there and it was absolutely wonderful!   They have tons of things to see and to learn!~  I just cant believe we have never been there and we only live an hour away!!  The show was awesome and I am really sorry but I dont have many pics to post from there as once we opened Ruth and I were busy and I couldnt get away to snap em.   I do however have alot of pics from the art show we did in Douglas at the Everyday People's cafe there the other night and we will be there again this coming thrus night from 5-9pm for another holiday shopping event!! 
This gal does absolutely beautiful needle felting!  Just look at the detail in this lamb.

Here are a few of her ornies.

AWESOME jewelry  Cymbre makes using vintage finds and antiques.  She has some gorgeous glass bead earings that were glass buttons at one time.
Cymbre is a new friend of mine and just a sweetie!! and very very creative!!
   I so enjoyed being next to her and the crazy thing is she did South Haven market and the artists market and I really never took the opportunity to go and meet her just said hey and how are ya. 
This is another new creatin friend (the blonde facing the other way) anyway she does some very cool jewelry and fabric treasures.

some awesome jewelry

Dona makes these hand embroydered pillows and framed prints.  She does fabulous work and makes awesome homemade spicy mustard!  it is delicious!

More of Dona's work.

Oh and there she is on the right side of the bar.  and this is our litle snack counter, we had to spread out onto the bar as this table was overflowing with goodies to enjoy!

I didnt get to meet the gal that makes these awesome birdhouses but arent they just too cool with all the driftwood pieces.

Oh and this is Jeff's wonderful works!! I met him last week and I can say another new friend here! He lives just a few miles from us and also right next door to my dear friend Ruth.   His pottery is just amazing! Love that round blue striped bowl.  He is one cool and very very very sweet guy!! 

And Michelle whom I just met also makes these amazing recycled wool mittens and bags and quilts!~!  Look at that brown bag isnt it too cool!   I love her mitten and scarf sets they will surely warm up your hands on these cold winter days!!

A closeup of her bags. 

More of Wendy's very cool crafts.  She does make all the clay buttons on these too.  This one says wish upon a star.

And I made some of these boxes up of mixed cookies.

Shortbread assortment.
I have to say I feel truly blesses to have met soooooooooooo many nice, talented and creative people the past few weeks!!   So much fun and so much talent in our little towns here all these people live within 15 mins of us and we wouldnt have ever known if not for these wonderful art/craft shopping events around.  LOVE IT!!   Hubby and I have  like 900  some tasks that really need to be done today and the list keeps growing plus I have to get to the health food store County Life out here and replenish ingredients today and gee too many things to do in a short amount of time!!  LOL oh well best thing is I get to spend the entire day with him!  and my boys too! 
Also markets are this week so I have to get to the kitchen and bake, cookies for our trays and also for markets.  Guess I will be busy busy this week!!  I did sell just about all those little glass ornies I made so I really need to do a few more for the sale on thurs night again at Everyday People's Cafe in Douglas.    So I really really really need to get off the puter and get to making things!  
Hope yall have a blessed sunday and I will be back tomorrow!

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