Friday, December 31, 2010


Hope you have a  HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEARS!! 2011 here we come!!

Well I played a bit with one of my xmas gifts, yepper another kitchen gadget!! LOL A mini donut maker and they are baked NOT FRIED!! so healthy at that!  I whipped up a batch of my favo red velvet cake and tried some in this cool new toy.

Hubby will be home from work early today so thought they would make a nice little snack for him.
I made a quick vanilla glaze and topped them with a bit of crystal red sugar.  OK so they so are not the ones you are used to buying at all!! but they are good and oh so cute to eat!  Not full of grease and calories either!

We have decided to stay in tonight at home and ring in the new year with the boys!  I so hate having to leave them alone, especially this time of year it becomes increasingly difficult to leave the house since I am home more and they really love having mommy home with them.  I take them to do errands with me, or when I go out to get mail or do chores someone goes with me and we play and oh their favo thing to do is we all take a nap on the couch!!  They really do get happy!!  they play and get vocal and climb on the couch near me and get comfy cozy and they are out!!   Thank goodness we have an extra large couch and the ends recline so there is plenty of room.  They get happy when daddy comes home and we all go to sleep together at night too!!  about 10 min of playin around and tossing blankets and making their beds in their blankets.
AHHHHHH so much fun!! love these guys!!
So have a happy happy happy new year and I will be back with more in 2011!! (seems so strange to say that)
Thanks for all the nice comments in 2010 and for the support here and at our farm we surely couldnt do this without all our great customers!!



Kim said...

The donut maker looks like fun. I rememebr my mom having one of these years ago. have fun with your boys and have a happy New Year. I will be ringing in t he year with my grandson, dh and my 3 furry kids.

jacque4u2c said...

Ditto! And yum to those red devil delights!!!!!!!!