Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wild wed

Well another wild day almost over.   I started out the day by finishing up printing lables out, hauling some wood up to the wood barrell for the furnace, baked some new cookies, finished my gift to ME!! LOL, had to go get my feed order, pick up some ingredients,  get prescriptions and unload the feed.  WHEW!!!!!!!! and I worked on some new alphabet tile necklaces for tomorrow nights sale.  Everyday Peoples Cafe in Douglas has another artist/craft sale tomorrow night, it is the last one of the season. 
so onto the new cookies!!  These are so good~  I will share this recipe with yall!!    Mocha dipped wands.   After making the dough I put it in a pastry bag fitted wtih a med size star tip. 

The dough is sticky and thick.

 Each wand is piped out about 3-4 inches long, when piping this dough try to make it on the thick side since they will be dipped in chocolate. 

bake so they are nice and dark golden brown (trust me bake them long enough as I learned this if they arent crispy enough they will break apart when dipping)

Opps I couldnt move this pic down it is of my cranberry orange pecan cakes with a buttercream frosting.

Take a minute to toast your ground hazelnuts!! it makes all the difference in the taste of nuts.   I shelled my hazelnuts and put them thru my hand grater using the large holed grater.

After baking dip 3/4 of the way up the cookie wand then quickly dip in the nuts and let cool on wax paper. 
 I also made a few sweet tater casseroles with a brown sugar butter pecan streusel topping.

I love this blue thick fiber yarn, it has a bit of brown thru it.  This is becoming a scarf.

Here is my present to ME!!  LOL a new scarf.  I have a new winter jacket that is chocolate brown (told ya I am a chocoholic!!!) any wanted a nice warm scarf.  My mom taught me to crochet when I was a kid so after a bit of refreshing class from her I made this scarf.  I love all the fibers and fun yarns out there so am on a new mission to make scarves!! LOL   We found some great alpaca fibered yarn, some brushed bamboo fibers, and some great colors too!! they also had some wonderfully soft and thick wool yarns.  My mom is makin a scarf with grey, black, and a multi colored fiber yarn too.  

 After makin the scarf I then tied on alot of fun long ends on it for fun!! 
So that was my day I have to take pics of the new alphabet letter necklaces yet but am gettin ready to make supper.  Breakfast tonight!! we have some spiral ham so I thought I would make a nice omlet or maybe a hash brown bake with the ham and eggs and plenty of cheeses!! 
Have a wonderful wed night!! Survivor tonight!! YEAH YIPPEE!! 

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auntdeedee said...

Those choco dipped wands.....can we say YUM!!!!???? They look absolutely yummy!! Looks like you had a good productive day!!