Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm back with more ornies!

Oh today was a snowy day for sure!!  WE got alot of snow!!  **LET IT SNOW ** LET IT SNOW** LET IT SNOW*** sing it with me!! LOL  LOVIN IT OUTSIDE!
This time of year it just might as well snow!! Sure dont like rain now so this is good!!  I am thinkin if we keep goin this way we are surely gonna have a WHITE CHRISTMAS! YIPPEE!! Christmas in beautiful sw michigan isnt the same without snow!! 
So here's a peek at what I did in my spare time today!  LOL at 5 this am!

Using up all stash items in my studio I made more ornies!! These little guys will be perfect on a spindle tree, feather tree or to use as gift tags on presents.

This is a slide mount ( FYI  I have wayyyyy too many of them laying around) so pulled the white cardstock off from the inside frame and added some pretty little holiday scrapbook papers, some pics of snowmen recycled from old xmas cards and tags (which by the way are always dirt cheap after the holidays so I obviously stock up) LOL

Oh and using my wonderful snowflake punch by MARTHA STEWART I added a flake and a bit of my 'farmgirl bling" to each one using her glitter and a little sticky gemstone for sparkle and a bakers twine hanger.  I did splatter paint some white on after they were done for more snow!!

I do think this guy has to be my absolute favo!! but I love the snowman I paint that is reaching up to touch that perfect snowflake in the sky too! 

Oh too cute! this was a gift tag I cut the snowman off of. 

This was the view out of my truck window this am goin to the shop.  OH SO PRETTY!!

I decorated some old flower boxes around the farmstand with pines and some pinecones and twigs and little candy canes I found. 

One of the table arrangements that went out on deliver today

My brother who is handicapped has the herb business and is helping a job coach he has to make these centpieces for a craft show he is in this week.  Him and I searched the thrift stores for unique tins to put them in and a good recycling project too!

Happy holidays ornie.   FYI the ornies are $5.00 each plus travel expenses.  I have sold a few today and will make up more all different ones.

Another microscope slide ornie

Some decoration by the farmstand door.

 So that is about all for today I have to make some toffee tonight and get my cookie recipes ready for tomorrow at the kitchen.  Hope yall have a blessed snowy evening and if you are driving out in it BE CAREFUL!  we seen several cars off the roadway and into ditches and into trees today.  I have to bring in a load of wood for the furnace and then it will be time to make some more ornies too.  OF cource one of our favo shows is on tonight BIGGEST LOSER and we watch that if hubby is home in time if not I let it record and we will watch it later tonight, he is workin on our plow truck right now.  Yepper ya know our drive is usually the very last to be plowed out!!   LOL oh well I still love him dearly and would be totally lost without that man in my life!  my boys would miss their daddy too!! 
Talk to ya more tomorrow!!

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