Monday, December 13, 2010

altered charm necklaces 4 sale

WOW it's monday!!  and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR COLD too only 21 degrees outside!!  We had rain, sleet, snow, wind and more cold this weekend but it today the sun is out so it makes all right!!   Well here is another offering for sale.  Altered Charm necklaces!!  I made them using 1 x 1 in memory glass tiles sandwiched between scrapbook paper and an alphabet letter.   All of them are different and both sides have a letter just a bit different.  $10.95 plus travel expenses which is between $2.59-$5.95 in and out of the usa.  I will wrap them and add a handmade holiday gift tag if you would like them for a present for someone special or maybe for yourself!  Oh and each one will come with a few glass beads in coordinating colors.  I have black chains, sterling silver or a ball chain necklace.

Some of the pics arent real clear sorry about that I tried and tried to get them clearer!!  So I am also working on something for me today!!  A prezzie just for me from me! LOL everyone needs at least one like that!
I am off to work somemore on my prezzie and later tonight my mom and I are taking my brother out and do a bit of shopping at Kohls!! love some of their stuff!!  I am hoping to find something special for my dear sweet lovin hubby! and then to petco for the "boys" prezzies!! which I have to hide in our 5th wheel so they dont find them and so they get surprised by what SANTA brings them!!  LOL
Have a wonderful monday!!
be back soon

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