Tuesday, November 22, 2011

holiday lights

Thrift store redo!!
  The wreath I found at the first thrift store we went into and thought I would add some fabric snowmen I am making but then  I found the slate painted snowmen sign and thought it would be perfect in it.  I added some glittery snowflakes I bought at hobby lobby and some red berries I had and some red checkered ties.  

We went to Douglas to walk around the stores and look at the lights.  Here's my mom behind some lighted trees in town. 

This was the most spectacuar display.  White lights (my favo) and red shiny ornaments and the pretty green pines.  JUST holiday perfectness!!   These shops win my award for best decorated this season!!  Way to go!!

Look at that decorated urn  JUST GORGEOUS!!

We made and decorated some pine wreaths at home for sale.  I love adding all the pretty shiny embellishments!!  Lots of holiday bling!! LOL

I finished up painting these signs for my show next week.  AHHHHHHH snowmen!! My favo favo things to paint!! 

I got alot done at the kitchen too.  Caramels are ready for market, brittle is bagged up, pretzels dipped and packaged up, made some cherry filled linzer tort cookies, (which still need to be put together) graham crackers packaged up just need to label them, egg bread ready, foccacia ready, muffins done and ready and the cookies are done.  And I made some sweet tater casserole, cabbage n kielbasa, vegetarian minestrone, and some bean soup.   WHEW!! that is about it.   Tomorrow we are tackling homemade vanilla marshmellows!!  kind of dreading it but also cant wait.  It looks like quite a bit of trouble but well worth it!!
so I better get a good nights sleep and rest up.  Market tomorrow! Foundry Hall South Haven.  
Have a great night!!


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