Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I went to the kitchen early early yesterday so I could get home early and finish up some more of my painted signs.  So love painting snowmen!!  AND as much as I personally love LOVE** LOVE*** snow I am actually happy as can be we dont have snow yet.  It is suppossed to be in the 50s almost 60s this week!! It does sound like lots of rain but that is a ok by me right now.
Love the soft greens for backrounds with snowmen.  Softens it up so much.

And I do like the blues, today I plan to do some tans. 

For some reason blogger isnt let me add any more photos?? URG!!  I did take some of the things I did at the kitchen yesterday which were homemade soft n chewy buttery caramels, my eggcellent egg bread (challah) whict today is gonna be made into pure decadent love......pumpkin bread pudding!!  my favo!!  Also made black olive and sage foccacia loaves, cookie dough to bake today, pumpkin pie spice pecan brittle (this is a great snack) and if you love pumpkin pie spices you would love this.  I will try to break the recipe down it makes 5 pounds of candy.     Today is pineapple cake with coconut icing, 3 bean soup, some butter toffee with almonds, and cinnamon roll muffins.  Maybe a few other things but depends on the time. 
So with that said I will mention again our Winter Farmers Market at Foundry Hall in South Haven. 3-6pm and also our holiday artisans markets december 7th and 14 at the hall also!!  We have 17 spots full right now and a great variety!! 
Have a great tues!!  I will be back tomorrow with more goodies to share!!


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