Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snowman projects and repurposing

Hey Yall!!!    My super super mom and I took my brother out shoppin yesterday.  We hit almost every thrift shop we could and came home with her car bursting at the seams!! LOL  I bought up 2 full bags of garlands with white lights and even extension cords for $4.00, (they will come in handy for our shop and then around the farmstand) 6 boxes of new white mini lights for get this.......$1.00 a box!! 100 count even!! That was a great deal!! We got some really nice new looking heavy sweaters for Joey for .........another deal..........$1.00 each!! Found some old clear big jars for snowmen projects for .20 cents each!!  oh and my favo of cource was 2 pair of kids double runner skates for $3.50 a pair!!  I always am on the hunt for those babies! they are difficult to find and before winter comes they are pretty reasonable.   AND we seen a ton of red berries along the way on beautiful branches so pretty we decided to stop along the road and snip a few!! they are gonna be wonderful in floral arrangements, on wreaths, and well maybe just a bunch of em in a vase with white twigs and silver glittery sticks!! 
I did also find a few very cool picture frames I just had to alter!!  I am a huge fan of Linda Albrecht and took her paperclay sculpted snowmen ideas to make a few of my own.  So with My Minds Eye wonderful glittery snow pack  and pieces n parts of all my stash I came up with these!!

These are the little glass tiles I used to make the alphabet pendants but love the look of em for this.  and the foam letters are just from a scrapbook store long ago. 

I did take apart some glittered flourishes to make the swirls on here too. 

Glittery snowflakes from Big Lots and some silver mesh wired ribbon from a thrift store, the eyes are black tiny glass beads and the nose was just a piece of a wooden skewer painted orange. 

The frame did require a bit of painting and sanding and dry brushing then antiquing but I think it fits perfectly. 

The snowman here has the snow stamped on his little banner.  Twig arms make all the difference.

I like this one best so far!!

And I finished up a couple more banners.  Inspire has some great ephemera on it.  I cut out some old milk caps that I scanned and printed so each letter has a different one on it, some little flowers, a mini word stamped on using Just Rite stamps, ribbon and I painted and sanded and stamped and antiqued the little chipboard frames I had in a stash pile. 

I am leaving this one seperate so you can hang them anywhere and anyhow your heart desires.    The chipboard letters are also painted, sanded and then I used a bit of Tim Holtz distressables on the edges. 

WISH is another banner done. 

 Another thrift store frame painted sanded and antiqued along with lots of Martha Stewart flaked glitter and of cource another rusty tiny bell on top the hat.  Hey this was up at the top part of post!! >???? dont know why it got moved down here or even how?  LOL
So that was it and now I am off to get more creative things made.  I have wayyyyyyyyy too many things to get finished!! always that way huh!!
Have a wonderful saturday!! Maybe my mom and brother want to hit a few more thrift stores in another town!! ROFL<<<<<,,,well I better use up some things before brining more projects to work on huh!! 

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