Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tag banners and marshmellows

Hey YAll!!! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!! hope yall had a blessed holiday today!  My wonderful mom brought over a plate of their turkey and homemade stuffing and oh my goodnesssss SO YUMMY!!  Hubby is still at work and hopefully will be home before the boys and I eat all this yummness up without him!! LOL

So since hubby had to work I got to work in my little studio today with little "mr boopie woopie boo" in the chair next to me!!   I wanted to do some inexpensive girly girl things for my upcoming shows. 

I LOVE My Minds Eye papers and thought they would be perfect for this dream tag banner but after taking a pic of the letters I realyzed the black backround was too dark to see the letters good enough. 

These are the tags, I used old manilla file folders I had laying around in my studio and some beaded trim I bought long ago at hobby lobby.  Love that trim too.

I used some Martha Stewarts hot pink glitter for the edges of the crepe paper rosettes.  Gold and purple glitter got mixed together so that was the :bling : on the chipboard letters. 

All finished up on a piece of pink groisgrain ribbon.

The next one is WISH on more tags using more My Minds Eye papers!!  I distressed the edges again with Tim Holtz's distressing ink.    Vintage lace trim around the bottom edge, and some vintage black seam binding for the hanger. 

I used sheet music paper for the rosettes and Martha Stewarts mica flakes for the edges. 

 I have a couple more on the work table I have to finish up tonight or tomorrow. 
Yesterday Susan and I had a blast making homemade marshmellows.......................wellllllllllllllllllllll a big STICKY MESS!! LOL we had marshmellow up to our elbows, stuck to everything in the kitchen!!  but it was  fun and oh so worth it!! Let me tell you if you have never had marshmellows you are in for a real treat if you make em or buy em homemade.  I am planning on listing some in my etsy shoppe soon!!
So this was the start of our gooey mess. 
letting it cook up to 252 degrees

then it gets mixed with the bloomed gelatin and you mix.............

and you mix,.......................and.......................

you mix.........and...................... you reazlye it is gonna go over your bowl so you have to use the big girl for this now!!!

it was cool to watch it go from tan to white along the way too!!

Sooooooooo much of it was stuck in the whip I had to use my gloved hand to try to pull some of it thru the spokes. 

And here it is cooling in the pan, we tried to smooth it as much as can be
pulling the parchment off the top

now just have to dust with a bit of cornstarch

oh there it is!! the yummy gooey stick goodness!!  I had made some graham crackers and also melted some milk chocolate discs to make choc bars to fit the grahams

layered together these were divine!!!  I packaged some of for market last nigth.   I did tie them with some red and white bakers twine and a cute scalloped edge tag. 

So they will be made again very soon and I want to do some peppermint swirl ones with hot cocoa mix for my shop.
Hope it was a great day for you!!  Will be back soon I am going to go to a primitive show in the morning and then gotta get wood cut for more signs.

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Toodie said...

Those tags are really great! Love the look of them! And the marshmallows look like they were fun too. :)