Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday evening

Well another week ended and another started.  Tonight is our favo favo show two in a half men, even without Charlie we still like it but not as much!!  Miss Charlie!  Mon and Wed are our favo nights and we ususally dont miss either.  Survivor is another favo we have watched since the beginning of this show and even though we have dvr we still must be in the house to watch it live!! LOL   Supper is over, dishes done, pjs on, the boys have had their supper and are all laying on the couch with me, hubby is sitting in his recliner and welllllllllllllllll all is right in our little world tonight!
Tomorrow will be busy busy, hubby got my truck done today so I have lots of time lost without being at the kitchen this weekend or today.  I am gonna try a couple of new recipes if I can, some chocolate ganache filled mini tarts, lemon cookies with raspberry cream filling and maybe something pumpkiny?    I do have orders this week for my pumpkin muffins, my grandma Rose's old fashioned southern peach cobbler, and some onion pan rolls so those things will have to come first.
I do have to say I am totally addicted to "PINTEREST" have yall been there yet? oh what fun!!  My goodness there is hours and hours of fun things to look at!! OH and what inspiration!!!  TONS of craft studio ideas that are just amazing!! and tons of primitive crafting things to make!! 
my id is Darlene Stumpf-Westfahl  follow me if ya like and I will follow you and your boards!! be sure though to "chick" it out!!
I did get some creative craftin time today!! YEAH!! started painting 2 snowmen signs, 3 skates and managed to play with my little cricut in making signs for market.  I cut out and put together 2 standing ones that we will use on the sidewalk at Foundry Hall  for our wed afternoon market.  Will try to take a pic of them tomorrow. 
So it is about time for our show to come on so I will go for now and will be back to share things baked tomorrow!  Have a wonderful monday evening!!

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