Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whats good wed??

One good thing today is just another day of having my wonderful loving family here with me!!  AND it is just a beautiful day outside!!  It is absolutely positively gorgeous!!!
And it is wonderful because we have market this afternoon in South Haven at Foundry Hall!!  I get to be with some amazing people and one of my best friends Ruth.
On my csa menu this week was vegetarian alfredo lasagna, chicken n stuffing bake, vegetable rice salad, creamy cauliflower soup, creamy tater soup, vegetarian minestrone soup, lemon buttermilk muffins with blueberries, parmesan toppped foccacia, butter crumb topped apple pie, apple dumplings. 
So the above pic is my lasagna.

The innerds of the lasagna, sauteed fresh broccoli, onions, carrots and corn.  Topped with a homemade alfredo sauce.

This little mini apple pie was for my hubby!  He loves apple pie. 

Another apple pie this one is bigger and for market tonight.

Butter crumb topped apple pie.

Lemon buttermilk muffins with our flash frozen blueberries from this season. 

I made up a batch of mini pumpkins out of brown sugar shortbread cookies to hand out to customers tonight.

I have never seen these bushes so full of gorgeous berries.

I can just see these little gems into a wreath for on the farmstand door. 

Holly bushes at kitchen, they are really loaded with berries too.

My Mr. boopie woopie boo was nestled on Busters bed among some of his stuffed animals.  Too cute!  Love this little guy!!

And this I thought would make a great greeting card hmmmmmmmmmm maybe even on my desktop!! 
So have a wonderful wed!  When u have a moment today think of at least 2 things that make today a wonderful wed.  Makes ya smile!!

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