Monday, November 28, 2011

Shop opening~~ and more primitives

I GOT THE OK TODAY TO OPEN OUR HOLIDAY HOMEMADE SHOP~    It will be on Eagle Street in South Haven Mi and there are at least 6 local artisans that want to 'rent a spot" inside so we will have a great variety to choose from!! YEAH!!!
kind of like a co op of handmades!!
SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!  I will post more and pics this week!~!
In the meantime here is what I got up at 3am to do this am!! LOL
Joy is the first one done.  I used stryo ornaments I cut apart and used some drywall compound and flaked glitter on to make the snowmen body. 

I also have another one on my work table not done with peace on it. 

Another round head snowman ontop another .20 cent jar! this one I didnt put lights in, just a white feather tree, glitter.   I love painting these and have 5 more waiting on me.
Also I did up some snowmen head that will go on sticks but have to finish them too.  TOO MUCH TOO DO!! LOL and I really need to get to the kitchen and get things ready for markets!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!  Will be back soon to share more!!

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Kim said...

I can feel your excitement. It is wnderful and I wish you the best. Keep us posted. The snowmen are great.